It took a village...

Venn Foundation Research Team

This report was researched and written by…

  • Jeff Ochs, CEO of Venn Foundation
  • Isaac Evans, Research Associate
  • Chris Grantham, Research Associate
  • Marina Herrera-Heintz, Research Associate
  • Sagal Hussein, Research Associate
  • Michael Ochs, Research Associate
  • Joseph Schaefbauer, Research Associate
  • Lauren Sutherland, Research Associate

Research Advisors

We are grateful to the following advisors for offering their expertise, guidance, and feedback throughout the project…

  • Melanie Audette, Senior Vice President, Mission Investors Exchange
  • John Balbach, Associate Director of Impact Investments, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • Kate Barr, President & CEO, Propel Nonprofits
  • Terri Barreiro, Managing Consultant, Manitou Fund
  • Dr. Wolfgang Bielefeld, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs
  • Terry Egge, Retired, Former Senior Program Director, Pohlad Family Foundation
  • Wade Fauth, Vice President, Blandin Foundation
  • Tim Ferguson, Founder & Chairman, Next Street
  • Susan Hammel, CFA, Executive in Residence on Impact Investing, Minnesota Council on Foundations, and President, Cogent Consulting
  • Greg Keane, Chief Financial Officer, Bush Foundation
  • Bill King, Retired, former President, Minnesota Council on Foundations
  • Matt Ladhoff, Global Social Investment Specialist, 3M
  • Elizabeth McGeveran, Director of Impact Investing, The McKnight Foundation
  • Dr. Joanna Ramirez Barrett, Vice President of Business Solutions, MEDA
  • Steve Sheppard, Executive Director, Winds of Peace Foundation
  • Bill Sternberg, Vice President of Philanthropic Advising, Minneapolis Foundation
  • Matt Stowell, Controller, Clifton Larson Allen, LLP

Venn Foundation Board of Directors

  • Robert Scarlett, Chair
  • Jeanne Voigt, Treasurer
  • Jeff Ochs, President & CEO

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